3. Command Line Options

The available command line options for Sherpa.

--run-data, -f <file>

Read settings from input file <file>, see Input structure. This is deprecated, use positional arguments to specify input files instead, see Input structure.

--path, -p <path>

Read input file from path <path>, see Input structure.

--sherpa-lib-path, -L <path>

Set Sherpa library path to <path>, see SHERPA_CPP_PATH.

--events, -e <N_events>

Set number of events to generate <N_events>, see EVENTS.

--event-type, -t <event_type>

Set the event type to <event_type>, see EVENT_TYPE.

--result-directory, -r <path>

Set the result directory to <path>, see RESULT_DIRECTORY.

--random-seed, -R <seed>

Set the seed of the random number generator to <seed>, see RANDOM_SEED.

--me-generators, -m <generators>

Set the matrix element generator list to <generators>, see ME_GENERATORS. If you specify more than on generator, use the YAML sequence syntax, e.g. -m '[Amegic, Comix]'.

--mi-handler, -M <handler>

Set multiple interaction handler to <handler>, see MI_HANDLER.

--event-generation-mode, -w <mode>

Set the event generation mode to <mode>, see EVENT_GENERATION_MODE.

--shower-generator, -s <generator>

Set the parton shower generator to <generator>, see SHOWER_GENERATOR.

--fragmentation, -F <module>

Set the fragmentation module to <module>, see Fragmentation.

--decay, -D <module>

Set the hadron decay module to <module>, see Hadron decays.

--analysis, -a <analyses>

Set the analysis handler list to <analyses>, see ANALYSIS. If you specify more than one analysis handler, use the YAML sequence syntax, e.g. -a '[Rivet, Internal]'.

--analysis-output, -A <path>

Set the analysis output path to <path>, see ANALYSIS_OUTPUT.

--output, -O <level>

Set general output level <level>, see OUTPUT.

--event-output, -o <level>

Set output level for event generation <level>, see OUTPUT.

--log-file, -l <logfile>

Set log file name <logfile>, see LOG_FILE.

--disable-result-directory-generation, -g

Do not create result directory, see RESULT_DIRECTORY.

--disable-batch-mode, -b

Switch to non-batch mode, see BATCH_MODE.


Only initialize the run, i.e. writes out the Process directory, if necessary writes out the libraries for AMEGIC++ and quits the run, see Running Sherpa.

--print-version-info, -V

Print extended version information at startup.

--version, -v

Print versioning information.

--help, -h

Print a help message.


Set the value of a parameter, see Parameters.

'Tags: {TAG: Value}'

Set the value of a tag, see Tags.