Within our group there are plenty of opportunities for students to join in both on the masters and the PhD level. Corresponding theses focus on the further development of Sherpa or its application to the simulation of high-energy physics events at current and future collider experiments.

So far we have spent a large amount of our time on the development of the computer code which is written entirely in C++. Acquiring a fair amount of working knowledge about this programming language is one of the technical parts of any thesis so far.

Students with interest in particle physics phenomenology are invited to contact the Sherpa Team.

To gain some insight into previous work, take a look at the following:

PhD Theses

Diploma Theses

  • Implementation of tau-lepton decays diploma thesis by Thomas Laubrich (2006)

  • Formation and fragmentation of hadronic clusters diploma thesis by Jan Winter (2003)

  • Helicity formalism for exotic physics scenarios at collider experiments diploma thesis by Tanju Gleisberg (2003)

  • Simulation of processes involving supersymmetry at high energy colliders diploma thesis by Steffen Schumann (2002)

  • Initial state radiation diploma thesis by Andreas Schaelicke (2001)

  • APACIC++, eine Partonkaskade in C++ diploma thesis by Ralf Kuhn (1998)